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Some people seem to be afraid that a prior president might win the 2024 election and that we would then have a dictator in the White House.

Well, people, open your eyes — we have one in office now.

On President Joe Biden’s first day in office in January 2021, he signed 17 executive orders. No previous president in U.S. history issued as many on his first day.

As of Friday, Biden had signed 128 executive orders as president. He has bypassed — or tried to bypass — Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court numerous times.

Biden talked about unity for this country on the first day of his presidency but that was only lip service. He has slandered the citizens of the United States, just like a dictator.

He has millions of dollars in his bank account, some of that money earned when he was a U.S. senator and vice president.

I guess we need to check the bank accounts of all senators, including U.S. Sen. Bob Casey.

Biden spends taxpayers’ money like our pockets are full of money to hand over. He has been caught with incidents of plagiarism and/or lying numerous times over his political career.

Biden has such an egotistical attitude. So please open your eyes. I think the dictator is in office now, because he figures he will be reelected this year without campaigning like he did in 2020.

Ron Rinier

Strasburg Township

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